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Department of Science Information

The Department of Science of the Ala-Too International University is a structural unit of the university that coordinates, organizes and controls the research and development work and research work of the university.

The main tasks of the Department of Science:

  • Development of scientific and innovative activities in the AMU, creating conditions for effective management of the results of scientific activities in the interests of the university, its employees, students, bachelors, undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students.
  • Conducting competitions for students' research papers (SRWS), and the best scientific work of the teaching staff of the teaching staff of the university;
  • Organization and holding of scientific conferences, forums, seminars and exhibitions.
  • Coordination of the research potential of the university
  • Preparation and implementation of research projects
  • Editing, reviewing and preparation of issues of the scientific journal "Alatoo Academic Studies".
  • Representation of AMU at various academic events
  • Providing technical assistance in the implementation of various research projects.
  • Consulting the university administration on scientific and academic issues.

Department functions:

  •  Participate in the organization of scientific conferences for teachers and students;
  •  Consider the documentation received by the department on issues of science, publications and research and conduct appropriate correspondence.
  • Fulfill the orders of the rector and vice-rector for scientific work.
  • Maintaining a system of accounting and monitoring of information on the results of scientific activities of the AMU
  •  Assistance in attracting research contracts and grants, foundations and other organizations in the scientific field.
  • monitoring the research activities of the teaching staff of the departments, their participation in various competitions and projects;
  • analysis and development of recommendations for rewarding AMU employees for publications in journals, for publishing a monograph, teaching aids, obtaining patents and copyright certificates;
  • consideration of the issue of encouraging students for active participation in research activities, in projects, competitions and olympiads;
  • assistance in organizing scientific and practical conferences, competitions and olympiads within the framework of the development strategy of the AMU and the annual plan of the research and development of the AMU.
  • assistance in the organization of scientific projects on the scale of the AMU, on the scale of the republic and abroad;